Straightforward Management of Your Operations and SMS


Akila: The digital solution to simplify the operation of your Safety Management System (SMS)

A result of the collaboration between Octant Aviation experts and Uzinakod specialists, Akila is an innovative solution specifically designed to streamline the management of your SMS, while meeting your regulatory requirements.

Whether you are an airport, aerodrome, or an airline, our goal is to simplify the daily monitoring of your operations by combining efficiency and usability.

Akila will become your centralized all-in-one tool. You can say goodbye to cumbersome forms. Akila will enable you to meet all Transport Canada requirements in a simple and effective manner, optimizing your time and allowing you to focus on the most productive aspects of your work.

Discover how Akila can revolutionize your daily operations. Contact us to learn more and schedule a demonstration.

What Are the Benefits of the Akila Tool?


  • Generate reports in a few clicks
  • Operate from a computer, tablet or smartphone
  • Get your team involved easily


  • Manage multiple airports
  • Consult your dashboard for an at-a-glance snapshot of the situation
  • Always be ready for a Transport Canada inspection


  • Streamline all your information with no fear of losing it
  • Store your data in a secure, Canadian-hosted cloud
  • Use a product based on Canadian aviation regulations

What Are Our Fees?

Akila GO Enregistrés Logo


Ideal for registered aerodromes

A simple tool for daily airport operations

Akila PRO Certifiés Logo


Essential for certified airports

Effective management of SMS & airport operations

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Fundamental for air carriers

The solution for the safety of your flight operations

What Does Akila Offer?

A web-based application that gives you control of your Safety Management System (SMS) and operations with just a few clicks.

Airport Operations

Follow-Up & Analysis Tools


Why choose Akila to manage my SMS?
Designed by Canadian aviation experts, Akila is perfectly adapted to Transport Canada’s requirements, as well as to your SMS and airport management needs. Easy to use, intuitive and modern, it facilitates the creation of reports. Information is entered in real time through smartphone, tablet or computer. Akila not only takes less time, but you avoid using paper forms and Excel spreadsheets. You can finally master and keep up with improving safety measures on a daily basis.
I want to try the application free for 30 days. How does it work?
It’s very easy! Fill out the contact form or give us a call at 1-833-673-2668. If you want to use the application right away, we will take care of the installation and setup. You’ll be up and running within 72 hours.
How does the online demo work?
The online demo lasts about 30 minutes, with an expert who takes you through all the available features and gives concrete examples of how you can use them.
How long will it take to install and configure the application?
Within 72 hours, your Akila tool will be fully operational. In order to personalize the tool, you have access to support for the various settings such as log in, controls and permissions, editing and display options, your logo, etc.
How does the application protect data?
All data is stored in unlimited quantities in the cloud. This allows you to consult your reports and dashboards from any computer, tablet or smartphone. This is also the most reliable way to guarantee the security and durability of the information you enter.

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