Simplify the Management of Your SMS

Create Your Safety Reports in a Few Clicks

Your SMS is complex and takes up a lot of time. Akila is the solution to make daily SMS management easier and more effective!

Proactive and Reactive Reports | Akila SMS
Proactive and Reactive Reports
Risk Analysis
Quality Assurance
SMS Communication and Documentation
Audit Management
Proactive and Reactive Reports | Akila SMS

Proactive and Reactive Reports

  • Pre-filled forms: save time when entering your reports
  • Snapshot: check your dashboard to get the daily situation
  • Multimedia: attach evidence to your reports such as photos, video and documents
  • Auto-generated follow-up statistics and graphs: identify recurring anomalies and trends immediately
  • Investigations, corrective measures, and follow-up on the effectiveness of actions taken

Risk Analysis

  • Run a risk analysis in the event of a change in your operations
  • Document your analysis by adding evidence
  • Check the status of the analysis
  • Mobilize your teams: automatically send email notifications to all involved employees
  • Become a risk management pro
Quality Assurance | Akila SMS

Quality Assurance

  • Plan all regulatory activities
  • Consult the follow-up activities calendar as an SMS manager
  • Take advantage of follow-ups and reminders about evolving regulatory activities
  • Schedule meetings
  • See your schedule for the coming weeks/months/years

Reach Your Team Instantly

  • Send alerts, instructions, or security bulletins directly to your teams through Akila (example: a bulletin on the latest Transport Canada regulations)
  • The communication component makes it easier for your teams to adhere to an SMS culture
  • Simplified communication that supports and helps grow your SMS culture
Documentation | Akila SMS

SMS Documentation: Keep Your Team Updated

Be Ready for Your Next Transport Canada Inspection

  • Show that regulatory activities are planned and carried out at the proper times
  • Prepare reactive and proactive process records more quickly
  • Facilitate data analysis with auto-generated statistics and interactive dashboards
  • Demonstrate that your SMS documentation is up-to-date
  • Easily export as an Excel file or PDF
Training Module | Akila Airport Operations


  • Track your team’s training with ease
  • Assign training sessions to specific staff
  • Customize the follow-up app for your airport’s needs
  • Get email alerts for upcoming training deadlines
  • In one click, have your data ready during an inspection

Airport Operations

Follow-Up & Analysis Tools